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100+ Resources to Get You Through a Break Up

When you’ve just broken up with someone, you’re probably stuck between wanting to obsess about your ex and your relationship and wanting to zap yourself into the magical realm of “I’m so over it and on to something new.” If you’re staying up until 3 a.m. searching the Internet for answers to why “the one” turned out to be “the one who dumped you,” make this list your first stop. We’ve compiled over 100 different resources to soothe your aching heart, indulge in distractions to avoid wallowing 24/7, and eventually move on and maybe even start dating again. But let’s take it slow.

Grieving and the First Steps

Let yourself grieve the healthy way by considering these tips and little bits of advice that will help you get back on your feet – gradually.

  1. How to Survive a Break Up: recommends making the best of your new free time, learning to accept your emotions, and doing something for yourself to get over a break up.
  2. 10 Tips to Help Get Through a Break Up: These ten tips will help you grieve without letting you fall apart.
  3. The Aftermath of a Break up: This article explores how people feel after a break up and tries to offer comfort for dealing with the pain and confusion that comes when a relationship ends.
  4. Empowering Break Up Songs: This list of songs includes “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera, “Strong Enough,” by Cher, and “You Keep Me Hangin’ On,” by The Supremes.
  5. Get Through a Break Up: This post challenges readers to get some physical contact, exercise, and force themselves to be social.
  6. Dealing With Anger After a Break Up: This three-part series will help you deal with anger in a healthy, responsible way.
  7. Losing a Partner: If you’ve been in a long-term relationship, you’re probably having a very tough time losing your partner, even if you’re trying to focus on the bad parts. This article will help you grieve and then move on.
  8. Stop Crying and Get Over It: This post explores break up behavior like denial and depression, and gives tips on how to get over it.
  9. Your Girlfriend Left You, Now What?: If you’re trying to get over the pain and shock of a sudden break up, turn to this guide for help.
  10. Extreme Breakup Recovery: Maximum Healing, Minimum Time: This approach recommends facing the reality of the break up, accepting it, seeing the lessons, and then taking yourself to a new level.
  11. The Emotions of Grief During a Breakup: Susan J. Elliott, J.D., M.Ed. of the blog Getting Past Your Past goes over the three phases of grief in this post.
  12. College Candy’s Break-Up Survival Kit: The College Candy offers this survival kit for dealing with a break up, including making lots of plans, getting drunk and putting chamomile tea bags on your puffy red eyes.


These articles focus on the emotional pain of breaking up and how you can heal yourself back to normal.

  1. It’s Not Me It’s You: Read the review of this popular break-up advice book here.
  2. Getting Through a Breakup: The UCLA Center for Women and Men posts this article to help you heal, gain perspective, and find support in the wake of a painful break up.
  3. Break-ups: How To Survive Them: This post goes over emotional effects of a break up like having trouble trusting anyone, struggling with starting over, and even suffering an identity crisis.
  4. Recovering From a Break-Up: This article from the University of California – Riverside Counseling Center has lots of advice for young singles going through a tough break up.


Breaking up a 6-month relationship isn’t the same as getting a divorce. Read this list for unique advice for more complicated break ups.

  1. Stages of Divorce/Breakup: Understand the normal stages of getting through a divorce, and you’ll be more ready to accept and get through each one.
  2. Divorce 360: This site is still in beta form, but it hosts lots of resources for deciding whether or not to get divorced, moving on, getting through a separation, marriage counseling, and more.
  3. Protecting Children Through a Divorce of Break-Up: For many divorcing couples, protecting their children is a huge worry. Use this guide to help you manage it the right way.
  4. Dealing with a Divorce: From “splitting the assets” to breaking the news to your children to moving on, this post tackles it all.
  5. Moving On Checklist: Steps to Consider After Divorce: If you think you’re finally ready to move on after a divorce, consider these steps first.
  6. Helping Your Child Cope with the Breakup: Get great tips for managing your divorce and your children in this article.

Break up Humor

Sometimes a little laugh will help you get through the worst times. Check out these humorous break up jokes and stories to give yourself a little relief.

  1. We’re Through: The Breakup Song: This song is a funny remake of the end song in Juno.
  2. Boozing Through a Break Up: Drowning your sorrows in alcohol to get over your ex may not be the healthiest strategy, but this article offers a hysterical take on boozing through your break up.
  3. Shocking Statistic Reveals 1 in 7 Share K-FEd’s Breakup Fate: At least your ex didn’t break up with you in front of millions of people. Or if they did, at least you’re not alone!
  4. No One Cares About Your Girlfriend Back Home: If you’re feeling bad about breaking up because long distance wasn’t a great idea, read this funny article from the Onion.
  5. Top 10 Ways to Break Up: This humorous article lists “stop showering” and “fake your own death” as ways to break up with someone.
  6. Breaking Up is Hard to Do: This article lists break up reactions according to college major. For example, business majors would “decide that they’re spending way too much money,” and education majors would “concede that the relationship was a learning experience.”
  7. Why Booze and Breakups Don’t Mix: This article actually offers good advice, but you’ll probably get a kick out of imagining the drunk dial scenarios.
  8. Cyber Break Up Humor: This parody lists different reasons why a cyber couple would break up.
  9. Funny Break Up Stories: Here’s a clip from Oprah that features crazy real-life break up stories in honor of the release of the film The Break Up with Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston. If the stories don’t make you feel better, getting to look at Vince Vaughn might!
  10. How to Break Up: This funny, oversimplified cartoon tracks a relationship through the happy times, break ups, back together again, another break up…you get the idea.

Articles and Guides

Sometimes you just want someone else to tell you how to behave and what to do after a break up, helping you pick yourself up off the floor and start behaving like a coherent human being. You’ll find plenty of survival guides here.

  1. How to Get Through a Breakup: Tips like “stay away from your ex” and “express yourself” will help you concentrate on the things that you really want in life.
  2. How to Get Through a Break Up: This guide walks you through each step of the breaking up process.
  3. The DUMPED! Break-Up Survival Guide: This article on will help you through the first 48 hours, the first week, second week, and last two weeks of a break up.
  4. How to Break Up: Part I: Catherine Specter of The Huffington Post writes about distracting yourself, surviving the first few days, and rebounding the right way.
  5. Steps to Getting Through a Break Up: Can you get over a break up in ten steps? Follow this guide to find out.
  6. How to Get Through a Break Up: If you’re tired of reading sappy articles about getting over your ex, try this cut and dry guide from
  7. Helping a Friend Through a Breakup: If your friend is having a tough time recuperating from a bad break up, read this guide for help knowing what to do.
  8. Getting Through a Breakup: This article is written for adolescents trying to cope with their first breakup.
  9. When Breakups Aren’t So Clean: Cutting ties with your ex isn’t so easy when you work in the same office, have the same friends and aren’t able to get your stuff back. This article finds ways to deal with the messier problems.
  10. Breakup Don’ts: Don’t forget to bathe, don’t stalk your ex’s new boyfriend or girlfriend, and definitely don’t get too out of control socially after a break up.
  11. What do Do After a Breakup: This article helps new singles get “to the day when [they] can tell [themselves] “what was I thinking?”
  12. Digital Breakup: This collection of online tools and resources will help you break up with someone, get over your break up, and start dating again.
  13. Getting Through a Break Up: This terrific guide from nzgirl goes over the things you will feel like doing after a break up vs. the things you should you do.

Being Independent

After a break up, it’s tough to imagine being independent. Stop feeling lonely and start realizing that you might actually be a pretty cool person to hang out with — by yourself.

  1. The Magic Formula for Overcoming a Break-up Fast: This blogger lists seven important traits for getting over a break up super fast.
  2. Why You Should Never Try and Sacrifice Your Values to Save a Relationship: If you’re feeling guilty about breaking up with someone because you refused to change, read this article to give your self-confidence a boost.
  3. To 5 Break Up Songs: This list of break up songs focuses on being alone and being free.
  4. Breaking Through: Senior Spring Break-Up Blitz: This guide for college students offers advice for freeing yourself of a relationship before graduation.
  5. Breaking Up Late in Life: Being independent after a very long relationship can be scary when you’re past the traditional dating age. Get advice from this post.
  6. What’s So Great About Being Alone?: Find out what real readers have to say about being alone, and you’ll find new ideas for things to keep you preoccupied.
  7. Should You Be Single for a While?: Consider the single life before moving on to another relationship right away.
  8. The Singles Cafe: This site has several articles about living alone, being independent and being more social.
  9. Rediscovering Yourself and Being Your Own Person: This post shows you how to “re-discover and re-invent” yourself after a relationship ends.
  10. How to Inch Your Way Back to Being Social: If you and your ex spent all your time exclusively together, you may find that forcing yourself to be social after a break up is tough. This guide will help you through the transition.

Learning from Your Break Up

Take these quizzes and read these relationship education posts to turn your break up into a learning experience.

  1. 10 Positive Break Up Quotes and What We Can Learn From Them: These “positive and inspiring break up quotes” will help you get over your break up in a healthy way.
  2. Learning From a Relationship Breakdown: This detailed article goes over typical feelings during a break up and offers up lessons that can be learned from the end of the relationship.
  3. Boosting Self-Esteem After a Breakup: This Q&A from iVillage emphasizes the importance of focusing on your needs and your confidence levels after a break up.
  4. The Break-Up Test: Take this quiz to see if you’re ready to move on.
  5. What Went Wrong? When Relationships Go From Hot to Cold: Learn what leads to a sour relationship so you’ll know better next time.
  6. The Post-Breakup Quiz: Cheer yourself up by discovering you’re probably better off without your ex in this quiz.
  7. Test Your Commitment Readiness: Did you learn anything from your last relationship? Find out if you’re ready to get serious again with this quiz.
  8. Do You Fall In Love Too Fast?: Take this test and find out if this is the reason for your last break up.
  9. Who’s Your Mr. Right?: Get over your last guy by finding how that your true Mr. Right is someone completely different.
  10. Relationship Quizzes: Visit this site for tons of relationship quizzes that will gradually help you move on and learn more about yourself.

Blogs and Sites

From an online comic strip to The Breakup Blog, bookmark these sites so you can turn to them for help over and over again.

  1. LovesAGame: This blog is all about break ups, relationship healing, dealing with your ex and lost loves.
  2. The Breakup Blog: Recent posts on this blog include “6 Signs You’re Finally Over Your Ex-Girlfriend,” and “Why Sex With The Ex Is Bad News During A Breakup.”
  3. Breakup Girl: This site includes advice, comics and animation based on Breakup Girl, the “only superhero whose domain is love — or lack thereof — and who mends broken hearts worldwide with the help of the worldwide Web.” Her “job is to fight crimes of the heart, stop dating indignities, get your stuff back, help you help your mom through your breakup, [and] make good relationships great.”

Getting Support and Moving On

After you’ve grieved, moped and trash talked your ex to your friends, it’s time to get yourself ready to move on. Find support and encouragement in this list.

  1. How Do You Get Through a Breakup?: Dive Caroline asks readers to share their real-life tips for getting over a break up. Read their responses for extra advice.
  2. How Do I Get Through a Bad Break up?: Find out what readers have to say about getting through a break up here.
  3. How to Forget a Past Relationship: This realistic guide can help you totally let go of a past relationship.
  4. If At First You Don’t Succeed?: Should you try to get back together with your ex after a painful break up? This article explores the option.
  5. Moving On: Life After Your Ex: There is definitely life after your ex. Learn how to “clean house,” limit contact with your ex and forgive him or her so that you can effectively move on.
  6. 10 Things You Should Know Before You Commit: If your last relationship lasted several years, you may have forgotten the things you should know and do before starting up a new one. Use this guide for tips on how to commit again.
  7. The Vicious Cycle of Your Memories: Stop torturing yourself with relationship memories by taking the advice offered here.
  8. After a Breakup: Getting Back in the Game: This article offers advice like “get pampered,” “take care of your body,” and “help someone else” to give you the confidence to move on.
  9. Relationships: How to Start Moving on from a Break-up: LifeSpy’s article suggests getting rid of relationship souvenirs, organizing a fresh start and staying away from sappy movies as effective ways to move on.
  10. From Being Under Him to Getting Over Him: A Timeline: If all your friends hated your ex, how long will it take you to get over him? What about if the sex was great or he forgot all your birthdays? Find out in this fun timeline.


Movies and other distractions will indulge your break up obsession but will give you a little perspective on your specific situation.

  1. An Inspiring Break Up Movie You Must Not Miss: This blogger recommends watching Under the Tuscan Sun to help you get over a break up.
  2. Break-Up Movies: From Fatal Attraction to The Way We Were to When Harry Met Sally, these are some of the best break-up movies. You can also complete a change of address here.
  3. Just Went Through a Breakup? Time to Party!: College Candy recommends throwing yourself a party to help get you through a breakup. The article has lots of links and ideas to help you with the theme.
  4. Five Songs to Get You Through the Night: The Messy Breakup: Soothe your teary self to sleep with songs like “At Least that’s What You Said” and “Road to Joy.”
  5. 3 Healthy Distractions from Break-Up Pain: This article lauds the power of a girls’ night out, shopping sprees and a new healthy diet and exercise plan.
  6. Sexiest Stars: TV’s Hottest Men: Was your ex as hot as Chace Crawford or Taye Diggs? We doubt it.
  7. Post Break-Up Distractions: Guys will find distraction in these activities.
  8. SI Swimsuit Collection: There are plenty of other fish in the sea, and you can start moving on from your break up here.

Dating Again

Gradually get back in the game by posting a profile on an online dating site and increasing your circle of friends.

  1. Online Dating — A Cure for Post Breakup Blues: Find out why online dating can help you ease back into the dating game.
  2. Dating After a Break-Up: This article suggests several different ideas for meeting new people.
  3. After a Break-Up: How to Enter the Dating Scene: Tips like “do not jump into the bedroom too quickly” and “learn how to compromise” are smart tips for new singles.
  4. How Online Dating Helps You Recover from a Break-Up: This article asks readers to consider online dating before tackling real-world dating.
  5. Blind Dating Tips: If you’re not up to searching for a date yourself, have your friends set you up.
  6. How to Fall in Love Again after a Breakup: Even if you’re not ready for love just yet, reading this article might make you feel better, by letting you know that it’s possible to love again.
  7. How to Get Through Your First Date After the Divorce: If you’re nervous about dating again after being a in a long-term relationship, consider the advice in this article.
  8. 6 Guys You Don’t Want to Date After a Divorce: From the “Mr. Angry – I’m Divorced Too” guy to “The Dr. Phil Clone,” steer clear of these losers.

Meeting Your Ex for the First Time

Prepare yourself for the inevitable first meeting with your ex by considering the advice offered here.

  1. 6 Tips on Playing it Cool During an Ex-Sighting: Don’t run and hide when you see your ex for the first time since the break up. Turn to this guide to help you make the most of the dreaded encounter.
  2. “Meet Your Ex-Girlfriend After a Breakup — 6 Dos and Dont’s: From keeping the mood light to acting cool to keeping your expectations low, this guide goes over the basic rules for meeting an ex for the first time.
  3. Can We Be Friends? Shifting from Partnership to Friendship: This smart guide will help you decide whether or not being friends with your ex is a good idea for your specific situation.
  4. How do You Respond When You Run Into Your Ex?: Find out how real-life readers answer this question on the Love Shack forum.


From being on a break to browsing items at The Break-Up SuperShop, this list has even more break up resources to keep you going.

  1. On a ‘Break’: What does being on a “break” really mean? This article “examine[s] the male psyche” to find out.
  2. Sex With Your Ex: Should you have noncommittal sex with your ex? This article explores whether or not it’s a good idea.
  3. The Break-Up SuperShop:’s break-up store has a variety of books about surviving a break up.
  4. Dealing with a Break Up: Find out how to “get custody” of your friends, survive being dumped, and start dating again with the help of this article.
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