Life can be boring when you don’t know how to spice it up. Everywhere you go and everything you do, you are surrounded by Americans or Europeans. This way, life can get pretty rough. Sometimes you feel like you need a factor to liven up your life, an element that can bring back your happiness. Have you tried everything and nothing has worked? You changed your lifestyle, and that still wasn’t the problem? Well, here is where we come. Fortunately, we know a way to liven up your life. Our secret consists of Asians. Through these dating sites, you will never feel sad. Without knowing, they will change your life and brighten it thanks to the cultural heritage and the happiness they give. All you need ever are Asians and if you don’t have any in your life, well here’s a list of the best free Asian dating sites there are. And if you are yourself an Asian seeking someone of your ethnicity, there’s no better place than these sites.

First on the best Asian dating sites list is AsianDate. The premise of the site is very simple: if you are an American man looking to date women with Asian backgrounds than this is the best dating website for you. This dating website solely markets itself as the best way of meeting single Asian ladies. The website claims it has over 1.6 million registered accounts and over 4.000 daily logins.

Why Asian Date?

First of all, we strongly recommend AsianDate if you are looking for something that is not serious as AsianDate is mostly used for hookups and casual dates rather than for serious dating. Second of all, it is easy to get started on the website because of the very fast registration process where you can even use your Google account if you wish.

You can even take AsianDate in your pockets as there is a mobile app dedicated to this website. The app has a simple and easy to use interface that functions exactly like the website without any compromises. Currently, there is only support for iOS, but Android will also be supported somewhere shortly.

Key Features

AsianDate offers users several features on their website, but unfortunately, none of them is free. Here are some of the best we’ve encountered.

Let’s say you are dying to talk through the phone with your Asian match, but unfortunately she does not speak English. This is where 3-Way Calls with Interpreter come into play. First, you will have to schedule a phone call with her, and then you are all set. Your own personal interpreter will help you communicate with your love interest thus making everything run smoothly and easily.

The next two features are very alike. One feature allows you to buy Virtual Gifts that you can send to your matches on the website and impress them. The gifts come in the form of teddy bears, roses, etc. The other feature allows you actually to buy them gifts in real life as well. After your order is shipped, you will receive a picture of the women you’ve sent the gift, with the gift in her hand. Isn’t that sweet?

The next website on our best Asian dating sites list is AsianDating. It is one of the most trusted and most popular dating website meant for Asians out there. It was launched nearly 15 years ago, and it managed to attract over 2.5 million people from all across the world and form thousands and thousands of relationship over these years. AsianDating is part of the Cupid Media group, and it is mainly used in USA, Europe, Japan, Vietnam and all the other Asian countries. It is meant both for casual dates and hookups and serious relationship.

Why AsianDating?

We can talk a lot about why people would choose AsianDating over other dating websites such as the fact that the sign-up process only takes you 3 minutes to complete and that the registration is free and of course, the strict verification requirements for when you want to earn a verified badge. This website has also been voted as one of the best dating sites for Asian guys.

Contacting users on AsianDating can be quite stressful if you are a basic member. But fear not, while sending messages is not free, you can send flirts, and if you do get a message back, you can then chat for free.

Key Features

Unfortunately, AsianDating does not contain as many features as we would’ve wanted, but it does contain one that we haven’t really seen on other best free Asian dating sites.

This feature allows you to conversate with anyone from the world because its main purpose is to translate the messages you receive. With the click of a button, you can translate text from over 140 languages across the globe. Keep in mind that to take advantage of this offer you have to be a premium user.

With over 400.000 active users weekly and 1.5 million registered users only in the U.S, it is considered to be one of the best Asian dating sites. The majority of people on this website are over 30 and are looking not only for a friend but for someone to spend their whole lives with. The gender distribution on the website is also pretty good guaranteeing that there is someone for your liking on the website.

Why AsiaFriendFinder?

In addition to everything mentioned before, the registration is easy and quick meaning that it only should take you 3-4 minutes to complete your profile. Please be careful because the information you disclose upon signing up will be displayed on your profile. Things such as your marital status or your sexuality and race. Besides the basic information, you will also be requested to complete your profile by writing your own introduction and submitting a photo of yourself that will later be verified.

AsiaFriendFinder does not come less in the race of being one of the best Asian dating sites out there when it comes to mobile apps. Because AsianFriendFinder is part of the FriendFinder Network, you will have to use the universal “All FriendFinder” app to sign up. The app creates an easy way for members to use their favourite dating app on the go. Unfortunately, the app is not very well optimised, and it may be slow and glitchy on some devices.

Key Features

There is only one word that can summarise all the features that AsiaFriendFinder has: fun.

Tired of the same boring text introduction that never seems to work? Why not upload videos instead? AsiaFriendFinder allows you to do just that. With video introductions, you can take your profile to the next level and impress everyone that will be looking at your profile.

The next feature is called Magazines and what it does is it allows users to create posts, articles, stories, advice and polls directly on the website.

Group Chats are a nice addition to the dating websites because you can join them and talk about topics with people that have the same interest as you.

Hot or Not works similarly as the very popular swiping apps in which you have to swipe right if you consider someone hot or left if you don’t.

These are the features that make AsianFriendFinder one of the best dating sites for Asian guys.

Moving further with our best Asian dating sites list we stumble upon AsianMe which is the lovechild of the Qpid Network’s largest sites ChnLove and iDateAsia. The websites were merged not so long ago because both served the same purpose and because it now has a wider user base.

The site successfully created a long-lasting relationship between men and Asian women ever since 1998. Despite it being old, it has managed to keep up with the current trends and be one of the best Asian dating sites on the internet.

Why AsianMe?

AsianMe is a great way to date and engages in relationships with Asian females from all across the world. Be aware of the site’s strict policy when it comes to the people that can sign in if you are a man of any ethnicity you can sign up without any worries but on the other side, only Asian females

The registration process is fast and simple, and the site only requires you to submit basic information like your age and location. After signing up, you will be given a match preference form to answer that will determine the people you will meet on the website.

Unfortunately, for you to use the communication features on the website, you will have to pay for the premium membership. The great part is that you can e-mail users you can call them and even video call them if you wish. The possibilities are not limited.

Key Features

Some of the features AsianMe provides can spice up your whole dating game if you know how to use them correctly.

Admirer emails are emails that are being sent by the member as a way of showing interest. They usually contain a small introduction and the things they are seeking in a person.

Live Chat allows you to chat to users in real life, but the unfortunate part is that each message costs 0.5 each and videos and photos are even more expansive than this.

CamShare is a paid video call feature that allows users to call each other directly on the website.

Romantic users can now share their love using gifts and flowers through the magic of Asian me. You can now send actual gifts and flowers in real life to be delivered to your lover’s doorstep.

Last but not least, EastMeetsEast is a premium dating website for English-speaking Asians. The site is destinated towards males looking for Asian women. This is one of the best Asian dating sites for meeting women there is due to the 1 million registered accounts. Most users on EastMeetsEast are looking for a happy, passionate and fulfiling relationship and thanks to the services this website offers that is possible. Thousands of people have met their true love on this very website and you can too.

Why EastMeetsEast?

We can talk days about why should you register on EastMeetsEast but one of the main reasons people do is because after the short registration process you get a personal profile which you can fill out in order for people to know the real you and because of the fact that most of the members are between 18 and 34.

EastMeetsEast’s mobile app has the same features as the desktop version of the dating site. Weirdly, the mobile app has a feature that the desktop version does not have which is the possibility to message people directly. Also, the mobile app has a great interface which makes navigation a breeze. Currently, it only supports iOS devices, but in the 2future, it will support Android too.

Key Features

EastMeetsEast does not have any special new features out of the ordinary. However, it does have two features that are worth talking about.

The first feature is “Your Views and Smiles” and what it does is show you the number of views and smiles your profile has received since its creation. This is a great way of seeing how appreciated you are and keeping count of the views your profile gets daily.

The next feature is all about bettering yourself meaning that EastMeetsEast made a special page where users can get advice if they find dating a little bit of a challenge. Don’t worry, everybody can learn from this even if you consider yourself an advanced user.