So you’ve spent the last years focusing on yourself and your career, trying to put bricks for your future house or save up for a new car. You probably finished college, and you’re looking to spice things up a little bit. Basically, you’re successful in everything but you feel like something is missing and that thing is a partner. Finding a partner when you’ve got so much work to do can be exhausting even for the masters of time managing. This is where dating sites come into play, being one of the most efficient and safest places where you can, hopefully, meet your future husband. These are the best dating sites for women that we guarantee you will find your future husband on.

First on the best dating sites for women list is, one of the biggest and oldest online dating networks there is, responsible for hundreds of marriages every month. has been voted number one on the best dating sites for women over 40 and best dating sites for women over 50 lists. Probably the best part about is their 6-month policy stating that if you bought a premium membership and nothing happened in 6 months, you will get an additional 6 months of premium membership for free.


One of the main reasons someone would join is the number of active users this website has daily. With this many people looking for serious and meaningful relationships you will definitely find your match.

Also, has a very simple and fast sign-up process that ensures every profile is completed and ready to be seen by everyone. Aside from this, the possibility of finding fake profiles is really small due to verified photos that users post on their profiles.

Key Features

One of the most unique features of that we mentioned before is Match Guarantee, what this does for you is if you spoke to at least 5 members per month for 6 months and nothing happened between you, and you have a premium membership, will grant you an additional 6 month membership for free.

Rate Your Matches is a simple yet effective quirk of the website. Users can rate their matches so knows what you like and what you don’t and they will recommend users based on your preferences.

Although BlackPeopleMeet is meant for African-Americans, anyone can join the website no matter what race. So, if you are Caucasian or Asian and you prefer African-American singles, you will still be able to sign-up. BlackPeopleMeet is a great way of meeting men because 55% of the users are men ready for a serious relationship and that is why it is leading every best dating sites for black women list out there.

Why BlackPeopleMeet?

If you’ve always been fond of African-American men or you want to spice things up, BlackPeopleMeet is the best dating site you can sign-up with.

The registration form is simple, all users can view other members profile pictures, and all users can join chatrooms. Unfortunately, if you are a free user you cannot chat with other people, you can only use the “flirt” button to let them know you’re interested in them.

Key Features

ConnectMe is your best friend when text messages aren’t enough for you, but you want your privacy to be respected. What this feature does, it allows you to set up a phone call with another user from the website without revealing any information about you such as phone number, location, etc. Thanks to this feature you will be able to have a much deeper connection with your match without having a fear of being tracked.

PromoteMe is another great feature on BlackPeopleMeet, what it does is it will make your profile appear in the top of the search results for users in your area. This way you will get more people interested in you thus meaning more matches.

The Virtual Gifts feature allows other users to share their feelings for you in a special way using a gift. Gifts can be purchased using tokens that you can buy directly from the website. They are a representation of actual gifts that you may receive one day in real life from your match, such as flowers, teddy bears, diamond rings, etc.

This is why BlackPeopleMeet is one of the best dating sites for black women out there.

With over 10.000.000 users and 65% of them being men, OkCupid sounds like the perfect place to find a romantic interest. While some of the OkCupid members are looking for something serious, most of the users are strictly for casual dates and hookups. Being a very popular site, with a large user base, OkCupid can be a go-to dating website for most of the people.

Why OkCupid?

One reason someone may opt for OkCupid is the fact that this dating website isn’t your everyday experience when it comes to dating networks. If you are looking for a relaxed experience where you don’t really want to feel pressured to date someone, or if you aren’t up for anything serious then this may be the right place for you.

In fact, OkCupid has one of the most well-developed iOS and Android apps you have ever seen in the dating scene. You will be surprised, as OkCupid for mobile kept most of the desktop features such as signing up and chatting with users.

Key Features

OkCupid has tons of features, but we are going to mention only the most important ones like Match Questions which is one of the site’s most used the feature. What Match Questions does is it asks users questions about their preferences, like ‘What is your favourite food?’ or ‘What is your dream vacation?’. By answering this question, you are helping the OkCupid algorithm match you with better people.

Another feature that goes together with the previous one is Personality Trait. What this does is that you get your biggest trait displayed on your profile for everyone else to see. This will definitely help people that stumble upon your profile know more about you without asking.

This dating network is one of the most popular in the dating scene due to its longevity in the game. POF has been founded in 2003 and claims that it has gathered over 100 million users over the years. With this many users, you can find in here everything you wish for, ranging from serious relationships to casual dates to hookups.

Why Plenty Of Fish?

We could sit all day and talk about why you should choose Plenty of Fish, but we’re going to focus on the main reasons.

Plenty of Fish is a great dating website for those who do not have in mind what they really wish for as the website has a diverse community in terms of social status, age and races.

Also, Plenty of Fish has tons of features such as the ability to send voice messages with a touch of a button if you feel comfortable enough to send one. This is a great alternative for exchanging phone numbers and risking to expose yourself.

Key Features

Many features have been added to POF over the years but most of them you can find on other dating websites as well. Here are some of the most notable ones.

Meet Me is POF’s response to Tinder. It works exactly like Tinder, all you have to do is right swipe the users you like and left swipe the ones you don’t. A great alternative for when you want to match quickly without all the fussing. More best dating sites for older women should offer this feature, to be honest.

UltraMatch puts you in front of a list of your most worthy matches judging by your interests. POF claims that you will date at least two people from the first 50 people on the list.

The next website on the best dating sites for women list is Zoosk. This dating website has helped people find love from all the way back sicne 2008. On Zoosk, rather than completing a personality test or writing your interests on your profile, Zoosk’s Behavioural Matchmaking Technology actually tracks your interactions on the website such as the people you interact with or the photos you like, and it will make recommendations based on that.

Why Zoosk?

First of all, this dating website has made it really easy for you to sign-up and get started on your journey to find true love. The website brings more than 40 million members across 90 countries around the world. All the profiles on Zoosk must be verified in order for them to take part in the matchmaking process. Be aware that you must pay an activation fee before you can start browsing Zoosk freely.

In spite of other dating services, Zoosk has a cool and modern look and feel. The design is intuitive, and you will rarely get lost browsing through Zoosk’s pages, but if you do, do not worry because Zoosk has a great customer service that will surely be able to assist you in every problem you may experience.

Also, you can find Zoosk on best dating sites for women over 40 and best dating sites for women over 50 lists because Zoosk has a prominent over 40 years old community.

Key Features

This website’s bread and butter are the Behavioural Matchmaking that makes suggestions based on your interactions. This is a unique feature never to be seen on other dating websites and it’s what makes Zoosk, Zoosk. The website claims that this is the best matchmaking method there exists.

The next feature we have to talk about is Mega Flirt, what this does is boost your chances with other people. All you have to do is write a catchy message, and Zoosk will send it to your compatibilities. After that, the people that got the message can choose to respond to you and thus to open a conversation with you.

Last but not least, Boost allows users to appear in the top of the matchmaking suggested list to increase your visibility and your direct messages received.


Last but not least, BeNaughty is a different type of dating service, but it is worth mentioning on this best dating sites for women list. This niche website is destined for those who want to skip the traditional ‘foreplay’. People on BeNaughty are usually looking for a one night stand, a hookup or even threeways and many more sexual encounters between adults. If you are a very sexual woman than this is the right dating service for you.

Why BeNaughty?

BeNaughty is your friend when it comes to having fun as an adult woman. The great part about this website is that it is super secure, every user needs to be verified before they can be on the site. With an active community, you will surely find what you need on BeNaughty. You can even upload videos on your profile instead of photos.

Unfortunately, most of the profiles lack information due to the possibility to skip key steps when registering your profile. But don’t let that get you down because most of the profiles are well written and full of information.

Don’t let the site fool you, BeNaughty can be one of the best dating sites for older women too, the median age of the users being 30 years old.

Key Features

BeNaughty puts a lot of money on users privacy; thus most of the features mentioned here focus on the fact that the website should be a safe place for everyone.

The first feature worth mentioning is Full Safe Mode, which allows you to block messages and requests sent be unverified BeNaughty users. This feature allows you to be extra-safe when you are browsing the website without suspicious people viewing your profile or sending you messages.

The next feature is a lesser version of the first one, what Basic Safe Mode does is it blocks only the flagged profiles and not every unverified profile.

Worth mentioning is that BeNaughty also has a feature that allows you to promote your profile for you to reach even more users than you did previously.