Dating services are meant to be for everyone even if you may think that being older should be a disadvantage in the dating world but that is wrong. Many people in their 20s and 30s have the greatest disadvantage which is the fact that they are not ready to settle down and they do not really know what they want. Unlike them, your life experience and love experience shall guide you towards a healthy and long relationship that will last a lifetime. These are the best dating sites for seniors, sites that will help you find a partner, a spouse or even someone that will fill your days with joy.


Most members on Singles50 are way over 50 years old and are ready for a long term commitment with someone special. The website praises itself claiming a staggering 41% success rate over the years. Over 200.000 members are waiting to get to know you and form a connection.

Why Singles50?

We can talk day and night about why you should choose Singles50, but one of the biggest reasons is that members of the website are experienced singles that are on the same wavelength. They all want a serious relationship without anything else.

Everything about this site is meant for seniors, the registration process is easy, the website design is intuitive and easy to use, and only 40+ singles are allowed on the website. What could be more perfect?

Key Features

Unfortunately, Singles50 does not have any unique special features. If you have a free plan account, you can only message one person from your recommended members. Unless you become a premium member, and then you can message anyone you would like.


This is another great dating service for seniors because, as the name says, it was meant for seniors in the first place. SilverSingles has over 50.000 new members every week and praises itself for 2000 weddings every month. And did you know that almost 80% of SilverSingles members have a university degree? Due to this, SilverSingles is one of the ideal places for you to search for your love. Best dating sites for seniors are really thriving.

Why SilverSingles?

Most of this website’s singles are either recently divorced or widowed and are looking for some good company and even a romantic relationship. After completing the easy registration process, you will be matched right away with interesting people that live nearby to you.

Because of the high percentage of people having a university degree, you will surely have meaningful and deep talks with this dating service’s users.

SilverSingles is also one of the best dating sites for seniors over 70 because the website is really easy to use.

Key Features

Unfortunately, SilverSingles does not have any uncommon special features like the other websites mentioned on this best dating sites for seniors list.


This dating website is unlike no other. Its purpose isn’t only to match people together for romantic relationships but for friendships too. That doesn’t mean you won’t find your love on this website, but you may also find a golf partner or someone to talk to. With over one million users and 50.000 daily users, OurTime holds a big market share in the dating scene.

Why OurTime?

OurTime is a great solution for people who want to take things slowly and not think about a serious relationship that fast. People here are really calm and don’t necessarily look for something serious at first but someone they can be friends with first. Did you know that Our Time was voted one of the best dating sites for seniors over 70?

Be aware that unfortunately, you cannot send messages to other people on OurTime unless you have a premium membership. Users with a free-plan can only send ‘flirts’ to other users.

Key Features

OurTime has made sure that users have a variety of features to take advantage of. Some of these features are unique. We would like it if other dating websites took notes from OurTime and came up with some of these features.

In case you can’t find your words or you can’t really think of something at the moment you can use ProfilePro. What ProfilePro does is offer you the ability to hire professional writers which will assist you in writing the best bio you can possibly have. This can skyrocket your chances of meeting someone by up to 80%.

The next great key feature is PromoteMe which basically makes your profile more visible for the whole world to see. How it works is, your profile will come at the top of every user from your area’s search result.

ConnectMe is one of the best and most innovative features there is. What it allows you to do is to set up a call with the user you wish without revealing any important information about you such as phone number, address, full name, etc. This is an exceptionally good feature for when you want to take things to the next level without compromising your personal information.

Virtual Gifts are a great way to show people your love for them. Just like the name says, you can send virtual objects to people using tokens you bought on the website. It can be anything ranging from a bouquet of flowers to a teddy bear to a bottle of champagne. If only other dating sites would facilitate this.


Did you know that over 90% of the people on EliteSingles have a university degree? EliteSingles is one of the best dating platforms for single seniors looking for love within a serious relationship. The site brings about 400.000 new members per month with over 50.000 daily active members. Finding your match shouldn’t be a problem with this number of people on the site.

Why EliteSingles?

The best thing about EliteSingles is that every profile is carefully examined after a user has signed up on the site. The website works like a matchmaking service which provides suggestions based on the survey you took after signing up. You cannot browse or search for users but fortunately, most of the users on EliteSingles are over 40 years old, so age should not be a problem.

Another great thing about EliteSingles is that their sign up form is very detailed and will help you find the perfect match. Be aware that if you are not a paid member, you cannot access other users profile pictures.

Key Features

The main feature of the site is the “Big Five” personality test you take at the beginning. This is a test where your Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, Openness, Extraversion and Neuroticism are examined carefully and after you finish the test users of the website that are interested in you can compare their results and see if you two are compatible. This is a great feature that should definitely be on other websites on the best dating sites for seniors list.


If you care a lot about privacy and if you don’t want to stumble upon fake profiles then Zoosk is the right place for you. You see, Zoosk requires every member to verify their profiles by submitting a real photo or themselves or in some cases even a video. Zoosk has over 2 million users and over 80.000 active ones every day, so there is plenty of fish in the sea and it’s one of the best online dating sites for seniors. Search by age and you will get the best matches.

Why Zoosk?

Well, the registration process is nice and simple without any fuss, but you will have to wait until your profile is verified entirely before you can match with people. The good part is that unlike most dating websites, you can see other users profile pictures even with a free membership. More dating websites should do that. Although Zoosk does not have any personality survey after profile completion, it does have the possibility to add many things to your profile that will summarise your personality.

Key Features

Carousel is a fun way to show your interest in users. If you and a user like each other you can use Zoosk tokens to unlock their profile and get to know them and start flirting.

SmartPick is one of the best features ever seen on a dating site, what it does is make suggestions on potential lovers based on the things you do on the site. Things as the searches you make or the people you like can all help this engine find you better and better people.

Adding someone to a connection is basically like favouriting them so you can talk to them much easier. Every time you message or wink at someone they automatically become a connection.

Mega Flirt works as a pre-written message sent to many potential matches by Zoosk on your behalf. Don’t worry because Zoosk already has some message recommendations ready to be sent to your potential lovers.

Be aware that you can access these features only if you have a paid membership. If you are not a paid user, then you cannot use these features.

Boost works like any other boost meaning that it will make your profile appear in the top of the list thus making your profile more visible.


Last but not least on our best dating sites for seniors list comes LoveAndSeek, a great dating website with over 600.000 users and 20.000 daily active ones. Thousands of LAS users have expressed their gratitude over the internet for the dating site, stating that they found their soulmate on the website or that they even got married. Bear in mind that LoveAndSeek is a Christian dating site with lots of users ready to talk about God. This actually good for you since a lot of senior people are religious these days.

Why LoveAndSeek?

If you are ready to start a new relationship where commitment, loyalty and respect are the main principles of it, then LoveAndSeek is for you as one among the best online dating sites for seniors. Users here are looking for a life partner instead of casual dates or hookups. The majority of users come from the US and Canada, all being proud Christians.

The sign-up process is a breeze because no e-mail verification is needed for you to browse LoveAndSeek. The only downside that comes to mind is that LoveAndSeek decided that if you own a basic account, you cannot message users, you can only send them ‘flirts’ and like their pictures. If you wish to talk to them, you would have to purchase a premium membership.

Key Features

Due to LoveAndSeek being a niche site it lacks the amazing features the previous websites had but here are some important ones worth mentioning.

With a click of a button, you can show interest in LoveAndSeek’s users using the Instant Match Feature. What it allows you to do is press the “I’m interested” button which will send a notification to the member you’ve selected and then they can start a conversation with you.

Dating Tips is a column found on LoveAndSeek which helps you keep the conversations and find interesting topics you can talk about with your matches. Thanks to this feature your chances of finding a partner will be up by 40%.

The last feature worth mentioning on the best dating sites for seniors list is one that allows you to highlight your biggest trait directly on your profile. It can be “honest” or “hard-working” or whatever you are. This can sky-rocket your chances of finding someone by up to 130%.