The life of a gay person nowadays can be pretty difficult. He has to deal every day with the acceptance of others in every environment he encounters. And because some of them are not accepted, they tend to interiorize the issues and not only refuse any encounters with anyone but also deny who they really are. In the following article, you will find the best dating sites for gay men that allow you to search from home that one true love that can always accept who you are. They are the easiest way, and we promise that they are also judgment-free. Without further ado, this is the best gay dating sites list.

This dating website is one of the best gay dating sites there are. It was launched way back in 2003, and since then it was responsible for thousands of relations whether they were sexual or spiritual. Over the years Adam4Adam has gathered over 10 million people.

Why Adam4Adam?

The majority of people choose Adam4Adam not because of its huge amount of daily users but because they seek an intimate and sensual relationship based on trust and with a huge focus on privacy. Also, did you know that Adam4Adam is completely free to use? That is right, unlike other dating websites, Adam4Adam doesn’t charge users a penny for them to use any feature of the website, instead of the website actually makes its money through ads that they run on most of the pages.

Alongside the desktop version of Adam4Adam, there is also a mobile one with the same features as the desktop ones such as registering and accessing the matchmaking system and much more. The app is available for both iOS users and Android, and it really shows why Adam4Adam is one of the best free gay dating sites.

Key Features

We cannot talk about a dating website without mentioning the special quirks and features that make those best dating sites for gay men unique. You can spend days talking about all the Adam4Adam features, but today we are going to talk about the most important ones.

If you ever wanted to become a live streamer than this is your chance because Adam4AdamLive, Adam4CAMS and A4ALIVE allow you to be just that. Here you can watch plenty of users chatting with you live, and you can send them hearts or even tip them.

The Underwear club is a neat and cool activity in which A4A sends designer underwear to its users every single month for 10 USD for the first month. It’s simple as that, every single month you will get a different type of underwear for you to wear.

If you ever want to plan a trip with other users on Adam4Adam now you can use the “Plan a Trip” feature. This allows you to give out your itinerary easier than before and plan your hookups. On the same note, you can also plan parties and even advertise them on the website for a chance of more people to come than before.

Last but not least, Adam4Adam has a list of health counselors ready to help you and assist you with problems about STDs. It really is one of the best free gay dating sites.

While this next website on our best gay dating sites list was only meant at first for German people, it managed to gather over 3.4 million members since 2002. PlanetRomeo is available in 6 different languages, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. The members of PlanetRomeo are called Romeos. Through the magic of PlanetRomeo people can enjoy each other’s companies whether by being friends or by dating or by a serious and meaningful relationship. The opportunities are unlimited.

Why PlanetRomeo?

First of all, PlanetRomeo puts a big price on privacy, things such as contacting other people or viewing their profile can only be done after you’ve completed your profile, uploaded a photo and verified your email.

Second of all, the sign-up process should not take you more than 7-8 minutes because you can log in with Facebook. On the other hand, completing your profile should take a little longer because users with long and interesting profiles tend to attract more partners. Once you have verified your profile, congratulations because you can now search for your Romeo.

Key Features

Unlike the previous site on the best gay dating sites list, PlanetRomeo does not have that many features worth mentioning but only two.

The first feature we are going to talk about is Picture Rating, it is as simple as effective, other Romeos can rate your pictures using ratings such as “Non-sexual, Some Skin, Softcore, Hardcore or Illegal”.

The second feature is called Guycandy which allows users to join different groups such as “Jocks, Twinks, Gents, Bears, Muscles, Apples, Bananas.”

This website is dedicated to those who seek a serious relationship and not hookups or casual dates. Being one of the biggest dating sites in the world, it is at the same time one of the best gay dating sites in the world due to its high population of gay people. It can easily be termed as one of the best gay dating sites for serious relationships. is responsible for many marriages and relationships monthly due to their amazing policy stating that if you don’t find your match after paying 6 months for their premium membership, you will additionally get another 6 months of premium for free.


Besides the very sweet deal mentioned before, people join because they want a great dating experience with interesting people that seek meaningful relationships and love.

Also, has a very simple and fast sign-up process and a mobile app that works exactly like the desktop version if not better.

Key Features

Virtual Dating Coach is exactly what it sounds like. This virtual dating coach will guide you through the journey of finding your soulmate, but first, it will help you to understand yourself before you can throw yourself into the dating scene.

Matching Nights are a great way of meeting new people nearby because organises events that take place in a designated area where safety and fun are on the same page. Here, users of the website can enjoy each others company, flirt and play games.

This is a dating website pointed at bisexual and gay men that enables men to discover casual hook-ups in a fast and easy way. It may not be one of the best gay dating sites for serious relationships but you can connect with people in meaningful ways here. Men Nation claims to have over 50 million users, but that is thanks to it being part of the AdultFriendFinder network. This website emphasises on users privacy and protection of data promising a discreet experience for every user.

Why Men Nation?

With just a few essential details entered you will have your profile ready right away. Be that as it may, we still recommend filling your whole profile up with information about yourself because it was proven that by doing this you automatically raise your chances of meeting someone by up to 80%.

The great part about using Men Nation is that finding people is extremely easy due to the site’s important features being free. You can message users for free, you can search users for free. Basically, the world is your oyster when it comes to using Men Nation.

Key Features

On Men Nation, each member can see how many users are online, and they can choose either message them or send them a flirt.

Another great feature is the ability to upload videos on your profile, thus more interaction from the community.


This dating website has been around 1996 and is part of the great Cupid Network family responsible for OkCupid. GayCupid is marketed as a dating website for gay men looking for a serious relationship, and it is not a great choice for those looking for casual things or hookups. With over 200.000 members worldwide there is a big chance you will find your soulmate in here.

Why Gay Cupid?

Due to it being a smaller dating site for gays all wanting something serious it will be much easier for you to pick your date for this Friday. Another great thing about GayCupid is the fact that it offers users a free 3-month trial. It only takes you 3 minutes to complete your profile which is a good thing, and then after that, you are ready to mingle.

The app version of Gay Cupid has the same functionality as the website counterpart. The difference being in the design, of course, because you can’t fit the same information on a phone screen that you could fit on a desktop monitor.

Keep in mind that GayCupid has the same problem as OkCupid does, you cannot send messages to other users unless you have a premium membership.

Key Features

The only notable feature this dating website provides is the ability to translate messages in your language. This will make communication with other users from different cultures a breeze thanks to it supporting more than 90+ languages, and the number is still growing every day.

For our British readers but not only, here comes a British dating website meant exclusively for gay and bisexual men. It all started when the entrepreneur Jimmy Forrester-Fellowes had the idea of launching his own dating site because the other lacked something or needed improvement. He wanted to create a website every gay person would love to use, and that’s exactly what he did. After 6 years of its release, it now has over 3 million registered accounts and 50.000 daily members lurking.

Why OnlyLads?

To be honest, OnlyLads is one of the best free alternatives of the big dating website meant for gay and bisexual men because of the features you get as a normal user. You also get the premium experience for the first day of your account which is very welcomed.

After signing up on OnlyLads, which by the way takes 5-10 minutes and you can register with Facebook if you wish to, as a member of the website you can view who visited your profile and you can send “Icebreakers” which are basically flirting to other users.

OnlyLads also comes in the form of a mobile app which has the same features as the website and a clean and intuitive interface. The app only takes up a few spaces in your storage, and it is both for iOS and Android.

Last but not least on our best gay dating sites list comes Gaydar, which is a dating platform meant for gay guys and bisexual men from anywhere in the world. The website was created way back in 1999, and it managed to gather over 5 million members worldwide.

Why Gaydar?

Gaydar is a worthy mention on our list because it is a great and mostly free gay dating site, it has a hassle-free sign-up process, it doesn’t cost anything to talk to other users, most profiles are rich in information, and the users are forming a great community rich in diversity. There are many age groups, many races and many nationalities on the website ready to mingle.

Like all the other websites, Gaydar isn’t coming short because it also has a free mobile app for users to enjoy. With the Gaydar app, you can use your current location to find users who are nearby and engage in either conversations or hookups.

Key Features

Through Gaydar Radio, gay and bisexual men can finally listen, stream and upload music of their own. This feature works as a built-in SoundCloud but for LGBT people.

Gaydar Travel helps you plan trips with your Gaydar contacts thus making things simpler and easier for everyone.