Each passing day can bring new developments in any field, an action that modernises this world. This is why it’s hard to find that special someone amongst people that don’t know what they want. It’s even harder if you are a lesbian that has to confront the world each day. When it comes to dating, they are usually shy, and they don’t like to try new stuff, especially when you are from the LGBTQ+ community. If you have found yourself in this situation, then this list of dating sites is just for you. Through them, you can find new lovers that are just a click away. We picked the best lesbian dating sites 2019, and all of them have a high success rate for both hookups and serious relationships. Without further ado, this is the best dating sites for lesbians list.


It made its an appearance in 2006, and it was founded by Cupid Media Pty Ltd. Its 800.000 worldwide lesbian or bi-sexual users are looking for either a lover or long-term relationships. With 1600 daily logins, this dating site is one of the safest, and it has a build in ‘online now’ feature. PinkCupid is perfect for women at any age finding that one true love.

Why PinkCupid?

Registration takes up to ten minutes because it has very specific questions where you have to describe yourself, your hobbies, interests and your ideal match. Everything has to be true and secure, that is why you have to verify your account with an ID card. After the sign-up process, you can send messages to any user, and if you buy a membership, you have a built-in translator. You have to add a minimum of 3 photos on your profile, and the details can be changed later on.

Key Features

PinkCupid has a lot of cool features such as ‘online now’, Glam Photo Competition and CupidTags. But let’s talk about them.

Glam Photo Competition is a monthly contest which takes place every 8th of the month. What you have to do to enter the contest is to upload anytime you want a photo of you. After that, a jury formed by Cupid Media administrators decides who wins the grand prize consisting of a 3-month platinum membership, while the others win a 1-month platinum membership. Be aware that you will be judged based on your photo and personality.

CupidTags are hashtags that can be about your personality, interests and hobbies that can also be added to your profile. Its mechanism consists of finding people that like or find interest in the same things as you. This way, you can find the right person and never fight over different preferences.


It was first launched in 2013, and since then it had become the world’s largest dating app for lesbian, bisexual and queer women. Its goal is different than just a simple hook-up, they focus on a more open approach, such as a long-term relationship. It has over a million members in the US, and it’s the most popular dating site amongst the lesbian and bisexual community.

Why HER?

To create an account on this dating site, all you have to do is connect your Facebook or Instagram, and the app will instantly import your photos, name and birthday to create the basics for your HER profile. The best part after that is that messaging is free and unlimited and matches are based only on your location and age preference. Basically, the love of your life can be just around the corner and through this app, you can find her in no time.

Key Features

This dating site has personalised features exclusively for lesbians. Let’s take a look at these features

The meet is one of the main features and what this does is suggest you different profiles that meet your criteria, such as age and location. You can either swipe or dismiss, and if you mutually like each other, you can talk and meet up. Although many best free lesbian dating sites may have this feature, it was worth mentioning. Think of it as a built-in Tinder feature.

Feed is a feature that focuses on interaction with real-time users, even if you are not a match or even friends. You can like and comment posts and even add photos or texts, the action that will increase your visibility.

Next up is Feed, a feature that lets you know about an event coming up next, such as music festivals or comedy shows. Through it, you will be able to attend different events where you will socialise and interact with lesbians.

Without any doubt, HER is one of the most popular dating sites for lesbians, bisexuals and queer women and that is because it has a lot of great features that help you find your true love.


You may have heard of Match.com from its numerous ads and because it is one of the biggest dating sites on the internet right now. This website has been matching singles for over 20 years and has over 2.5 million users worldwide with 100.000 of them being active weekly. The match is also famous for its brilliant marketing strategy of drawing people in. The strategy is that if you buy their premium membership for 6 months and you don’t find anyone, you will get an additional 6 months of premium for free. Isn’t that cool?

Why Match.com?

Most members on Match.com are looking for a serious relationship where love and trust can be put on the first place. Also, the website is filled with LGBT users that seek people with the same interest.

Signing up should be hassle-free, and you should be done in 5-10 minutes. The great thing about the sign up is that it ensures profiles are generally completed. This means that every profile you will see will be filled with important information about the user and not blank like some other dating websites.

Key Features

As one of the best lesbian dating sites 2019, of course, it has to have lots of interesting features, but we are only going to talk about the most unique and useful ones.

Virtual Online Dating Coach does exactly what it sounds like, this AI helps you throughout the process of finding that special someone.

Match Nights is a great way of finding nearby users that are looking to start a conversation with you.


Moving further with the best lesbian dating sites list, comes EliteSingles with one of the most elaborate and successful matching processes there are. On EliteSingles you can be assured that you will have the best possible experience when it comes to dating. Did you know that over 80% of the members are highly educated and have a university diploma? After 11 years on the market, the website has earned the trust of more than 12 million singles creating an average of 2000 couples each month.

Why EliteSingles?

One of the focus points of EliteSingles is bringing the Elite together, meaning that over 90% of the members are aged 30+ and over 80% of the members are university educated. Thus, the dating experience should be a little more elitist and exquisite than on other websites. Keep in mind that every lesbian on the website is looking for a serious relationship and not hookups or one night stands.

How EliteSingles works is that after registering you would have to complete a short personality survey which will take 15 minutes at most. The questions ask you to rate whether or not you agree with sentences such as if you always follow the plan or if you are adventurous. After completing the survey, you will now be ready to receive partner proposals from EliteSingles daily.

Key Features

EliteSingles empowers users to know their true self using the “Big Five” Personality Dimension test mentioned before to create compatibilities between users. Unlike other websites that require you to take a personality test, EliteSingles actually displays your results on your profile so other users can compare their results to yours.

The personality test is based on these 5 factors: Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, Openness, Extraversion and Neuroticism. Measuring these factors provides insight into a match’s personality. Keep in mind that EliteSingle will not display your personality survey’s answers, it will only display the final result.


Since its conception, Plenty Of Fish has been drawing more and more users across time. With over 3.6 million registered users in 2019 and over 10 million messages sent every day we had to mention this great website on our list. Plenty of Fish has combined all the features of various websites and added or subtracted something to make it their own, making it the best of both worlds.

Why Plenty of Fish?

Definitely what could make someone choose Plenty of Fish over other dating websites is the fact that most features can be accessed even with a free account. Signing up is free, messaging users is free, searching for users is also free. Only the more premium features require you to pay for premium membership. This is a great solution for people that don’t want to run out of money while dating.

We recommend that to have satisfactory results with Plenty of Fish, you take some time out of your day and complete the detailed profile questionnaire. This will boost your chances of users engaging in conversations with you.

This website has also been voted one of the best free lesbian dating sites due to it being an LGBT friendly environment, open for every sexuality.

Key Features

Plenty of Fish does not come short even when it comes to the features department. Here are some of the best features that caught our eyes.

The first feature we are going to talk about is the matchmaking feature of the website called UltraMatch, POF claims that you will most likely date at least two people from your Ultra Match list provided by them.

Top Prospects is a great way of being up to date with the people you talk to and ranking them by compatibility. You don’t have to do anything because POF already has you covered. They also claim that 17% of the people that got into a relationship from their website got with users from the top of the Prospects list.

POF also ranks users based on their location. You can meet users that live in your area that you never ever thought about being so close to you. Who knows? Maybe your love interest lives right across the block.

Last but not least, Meet Me comes in as an alternative to other websites or apps with the same scheme, the swipe left or the swipe right one. The way it works is that you are presented with profile pictures and you have to decent if you would like to meet the user or not. Simple as that.