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Ask the Experts: 100 Best Blogs for Relationship Advice

Keeping your love life and relationships active, on track and in the game is tough these days. Distractions for you and your mate are around every corner, so how is it possible to avoid arguments, jealousy, infidelity and even break-ups? Whether you’re single, in a relationship or even married, it takes a lot of work to maintain a fulfilling love life. For tips and advice on everything from dealing with break up grief to sex addictions, check out this list of 100 of the best blogs for relationship advice. From the True Experts Doctors and licensed counselors guide you in the right direction in their expert blogs.

  1. Sexual Health: Sex Matters: WebMD writer and Ph.D. Louanne Cole Weston uses her Sex Matters blog to discuss everything from how depression, cancer and infidelity affect sex and relationships.
  2. Counseling Blog: Cynthia McKenna, LPC, NCC, is a National Board Certified Counselor and Episcopal priest. Read her relationship advice here.
  3. Healthy Relationships: Revolution Health writer and licensed practitioner of psychotherapy Mira Kirshenbaum posts about how to have better sex, work on personal and professional relationships, and more.
  4. CounselCare Connection: CounselCare Connection employs several licensed counselors and social workers to blog about relationship advice, from premarital and marriage topics to conflict management to sexual abuse.
  5. David Wygant: David Wygant is “America’s most quoted dating expert” and posts about networking, seduction, dating products and jealousy, among other topics.
  6. The Great Mate Debate: This blog features different guest bloggers, all qualified to give dating and relationship advice about speed dating, arguing, “trying too hard,” and more.
  7. Advice from a Single Dating Expert: Evan Marc Katz maintains he’s a great source for dating advice “because who knows more about dating than a guy who’s still dating?”
  8. The Nature of Love: Dr. Helen Fisher writes about the chemistry of love, drugs and love, adultery, brain science and more in this relationship blog.
  9. AOL Coaches Love and Sex: Browse titles like “Bad Boy Gets Dumped,” “Survive Your In-Laws” and “Romance on the Job” for a versatile selection of relationship posts.
  10. Love Sessions: This site dispenses professional love and sex advice. Special features include love and relationship tests, kissing lessons and posts about flirting, seduction, cheating and marriage.

Relationship Therapy From family therapy to sex addiction, these blogs will help you work through even your most troublesome relationships.

  1. Couples and Family Therapy Arena: Turn to this blog for therapy, advice and encouragement when trying to improve all of your relationships.
  2. Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy: This site is a great resource for archived posts about abusive relationships, Christian counseling, group therapy and more.
  3. The Next 45 Years: Check out this comprehensive blog that dispenses advice on how to “improve relationships, sustain happiness and create lasting success.”
  4. Good Therapy: This network of counselors and therapists blogs about sex addiction, adolescent relationships and more.

Faith-Based and Spiritual Blogs These blogs give relationship advice based on spiritual or religious teachings.

  1. Living Life Counseling: Find Christian-centric advice for improving relationships with your spouse, family members, friends and yourself.
  2. Jewish Dating Blog: Jewish singles looking for dating advice can turn to The Matchmaker at the Jewish Dating Blog.
  3. Christian Singles Radio Blog: This blog also serves as a network for Christian singles. Read about dating according to Christian values and principles here.
  4. Marriage Victory: Marriage Victory is a Christian blog devoted to making marriages work. Categories include anger management, parenting, forgiveness and anxiety.

Sex Find sex tips and sex therapy advice in these blogs from hot magazines, counselors and other sites.

  1. Bedroom Blog: Cosmopolitan dishes up sexy bedroom tips online on the Bedroom Blog.
  2. Center for Healthy Sex: This blog delivers “straight talk, up-to-date information and resources for individuals and couples about sexual addiction, cybersex addiction, sexual anorexia, sexual desire and sexual dysfunction.”
  3. The Dinah Blog: The Dinah Blog shares “thoughts on healthy sexuality,” from quickie sessions to condoms.
  4. Dr. Dick’s Sex Advice: Dr. Dick delivers “sex advice with an edge.” Submit your own questions or browse categories like fertility, sexual enrichment and more. Warning: not safe for work!!!
  5. Low-Carb Love: Women will enjoy this relationship and sex advice blog from iVillage.
  6. Kinsey Confidential: Kinsey Confidential is the blog for The Kinsey Institute. Posts are generally directed at a college-aged audience, but everyone can benefit from the advice about HIV and AIDS, orgasms, condoms, and general sex tips.
  7. Sexuality:’s Cory Silverberg posts about sexual identity, addictions, Sex 2.0 and more.
  8. Women’s Sexual Health: AOL’s resource for women’s sexual health covers everything, from sex therapy, to sex tips and advice to relationship help.
  9. Dr. Natasha: Dr. Natasha fosters a “super sex positive environment” online. Her site has tips and advice, audio recordings of radio interviews and more.
  10. Doctor Cockney — International Sex Therapist: Tune in to Doctor Cockney’s podcasts for videos and tips on topics like phone sex, menage a trois, and how sex is viewed around the world.

For Women These relationship and dating blogs are geared towards women who want advice on sex, dealing with ex-boyfriends, finding a mate and more.

  1. Love Bytes: Sex expert Tracey Cox posts about break-up sex, ex-boyfriends and more on iVillage.
  2. DearSugar: The Sugar network’s DearSugar blog is the go-to relationship and sex advice site for modern women.
  3. Marie Claire Dating Blog: Popular women’s magazine Marie Claire publishes this dating blog about love, sex, and everything in between.
  4. Hot and Bothered: Redbook Magazine’s Hot and Bothered blog posts about marriage, sex, dating games, swingers and more.
  5. Dating Daze: Los Angeles-based “Cherie Amour” uses her dating life as an inspiration for this blog.
  6. Single-ish: Glamour’s new dating blog serves up dating advice, trends and personal anecdotes.
  7. Single in the Suburbs: Divorced mother of two Sara Susannah Katz blogs for MSN about dating in the ‘burbs.
  8. girls gone MILD: Wendy Shalit writes about how “young women reclaim self respect and find it’s not bad to be good.” Posts include stories and statistics on birth control, college hook ups and the hotness factor.
  9. Ex in the City: Smart, savvy women flock to this site for dating, sex and relationship advice, from divorce to breaking it off with ex-boyfriends to getting back in the game.
  10. Understanding Men: The Relationship Doctor writes this blog “for every woman how has longed for the [r]elationship of her dreams.” Recent posts include “What Am I Doing Wrong With Men?” and “3 Things Men Can’t Resist.”
  11. Oprah Relationships: Oprah isn’t just for women, but this lots of terrific resources on sex, caring for parents, understanding money and relationships, and dating.
  12. Ask April: This blog is written by relationship expert April Masini, who “writes what Dear Abby never will print and what your shrink doesn’t have the guts to tell you.”

For Men Men can turn to these guides for help pleasing their woman, navigating relationships and taking a girl out on a date.

  1. All About Dating and Romance: Recent posts on this blog include “HOw to Start a Conversation with a Girl Easily” and “4 Tips to Date a Gorgeous Woman.”
  2. Joe Hottie’s Dating Blog: Joe Hottie shares “the dirt on his dating life” on his Cosmopolitan-sponsored blog.
  3. Ask Men Dating and Love Channel: Recent articles include “Meeting Women Online and More,” “Getting Mixed Signals,” and “How to Flatter Women.”
  4. Sex Drive Daily: Wired’s blog Sex Drive Daily covers topics relating to dating, romance, erotica, education and more.
  5. The Love Blog: The Love Blog is generally geared towards men, giving them tips on spoiling girlfriends, and humorous love- and sex-related posts.
  6. The Men’s Place: This blog is the “place where men receive practical advice about relationship issues, parenting and life in general.”
  7. Dating for Men: Recent titles on this blog include “3 Keys to Finding the One for You” and “How to Achieve Success With Women.”
  8. WebMD Men’s Health: Check out the Sex and Intimacy blog and archives for posts about sexercise, penis enlargement pills, vasectomies, relationship queries, and porn.

Wedding and Marriage From engagement quibbles to newlywed disagreements, these blogs help marriage-minded couples build up their relationships, not tear them apart.

  1. Marriage Advice: This blog covers relationship topics ranging from finances to romance to sex to communication.
  2. A Marriage Therapist’s Blog: Couples counselor Jay Slupesky includes therapeutic exercises, counseling tips and other great advice on his personal blog.
  3. Marriage Blog: hosts the Marriage Blog, full of relationship advice, anecdotes and more helpful resources.
  4. Marriage Secrets: Discover new ways to communicate, find your own personal space and respect your spouse from the posts on this blog.
  5. Marriage:’s Marriage blog is written by Sheri and Bob Stritof. Recent posts include “Activities to Help Deepen Your Marriage Relationship” and “Are You Stressed in Your Marriage?”
  6. Couples Support: Dr. David Sanford’s couples therapy and marriage blog includes posts on relationship skills, everyday love, communication and healing.
  7. Newlyweds: Newlyweds should check out this blog to understand that little fights and arguments are normal, even in the early stages of marriage.
  8. The Modern Woman’s Divorce Guide: Divorced women and women going through a divorce can turn to this blog for relationship advice for dealing with the ex, meeting new people and more.
  9. Ferocious Flirting: Making Marriage Wonderful: Recent posts on this blog include “The other 364 days a year,” “Kids tell it like it is,” and “Life is romantic.” Read on for everyday tips that make marriages last.
  10. Divorce Support: Couples going through a divorce can find legal and emotional advice here.

LGBT Blogs These blogs are geared towards the LGBT community and offer up lots of smart advice.

  1. Gay Dating Tips: Gay men will find dating tips and relationship advice here.
  2. Lesbian Dating and Relationships: This blog posts “a variety of stories, links, tips, news and advice, all related to the world of Lesbian Dating & Relationships.”
  3. Gay and Lesbian Relationship: From lesbian activism to coming out, this relationship blog covers all the news and trends in the lesbian and gay communities.
  4. Gayquation: The dating service Gayquation sponsors this blog, which posts about dating books, dating tips and more.

For Teens Teenagers and college students can access relationship advice and dating tips just for them on these blogs.

  1. 17 Dating: Seventeen has quizzes, dating tips and a special Guys Talk page to give teen girls insight into the dating world.
  2. GLBT Teens: The GLBT teenage community gets its own blog at, thanks to writer Ellen Friedrichs.
  3. The Daily Kiss: Cosmo Girl! hosts this blog, with everything from dealing with best friends to having “textmances” with your crush.
  4. Your Mind: TeensHealth from uses this blog to post about teenagers’ relationships with their parents, their friends, girlfriends and boyfriends, and themselves.
  5. Advice from the Love Lady:’s Teen Advice blog Advice from the Love Lady helps teens deal with cheating boyfriends/girlfriends, summer romances and more.
  6. Discovery Health Teen Relationships: From STDs to love and marriage questions, this “teen center” from Discovery Health covers it all.
  7. Adolescent Sexuality: Dr. Karen Rayne writes about safe sex, sex education, discovering sexuality in this professional blog.
  8. Go Ask Alice: This Q&A resource isn’t just for teens, but it introduces sex and relationship tips from buying a vibrator to hiding hickeys to talking to your kids about sex.
  9. Teen Advice: This network of blogs and articles help teens tackle relationship questions from “surviving the first fight” to being jealous to seeing things from your partner’s point of view.

Dating Turn to these general dating blogs for tips on building an online dating profile, working on a long distance relationship and more.

  1. Bright Lights, Date City: This blog appears on the Seattle Post-Intelligencer website and includes a dating dictionary, posts about crushing, and deal breakers and dating in the big city.
  2. The 15 Minute Dating Blog: Find hysterical — but realistic — dating dos and donts from this blog, which posts “true dating horror stories and tips from real people.”
  3. Dating: From single parents’ dating advice to online dating questions, this blog tackles all kinds of dating issues.
  4. Online Dating News Blog: Find out online dating site launches, general dating tips, online dating warnings and more.
  5. Ask Lynn: Advice on Love: Lynn Harris answers questions for MSN readers about long-distance relationships, dating Mr. Wrong, and more.
  6. Online Dating Insider/strong>: Learn about what’s new in the social networking and online dating circuit on this blog. Readers will also find tips and stories about dating as a single parent, creating a profile and dating software.
  7. Dating Support Center: Find lots of dating tips and worthy relationship advice on this blog.
  8. Interracial Dating Central Blog: Couples in interracial relationships can find unique advice here.
  9. Dear Kathy’s Relationship Blog: From surviving the holidays as a single to analyzing adultery, Dear Kathy provides advice, tips and encouragement for all types of readers.
  10. Direct Answers from Wayne and Tamara: Submit your love and dating questions or read others’ relationship queries to get great advice on sexual misconduct, relationship regret, arranged marriages, commitment phobia, emotional abuse and more.
  11. Consum-mate: Consum-mate is a dating coach’s blog devoted to helping singles find love and have lasting, healthy relationships. Categories include dating tips and date ideas, a dating advice column, relationship quizzes, and a separate dating news blog.
  12. Cupid’s Dating Blog: Cupid’s Dating Blog discusses the news and trends surrounding the modern dating world, as well as offering advice, insight and online dating connections.

Relationship Abuse Those suffering from abuse in a relationship can find support and advice on these blogs.

  1. Home Sweet Home: Home Sweet Home is “a blog about crimes within relationships.” Readers can find tips on dealing with an abusive ex, abusive parents and more.
  2. Color Me Butterfly: The writer of this blog talks about her own experiences and recovery from an abusive relationship, offering advice and helpful links along the way.
  3. Domestic Violence and the Workplace: Find out how to appropriately manage workplace relationships, including damaging or even abusive ones.
  4. The Anger Coach Blog: If you need help controlling your anger or abusive tendencies, read this blog to healthily critique your relationship behavior.
  5. Sanctuary for the Abused: This blog is a great resource for those involved in abusive relationships. Recent articles include “Getting Out,” “Repeating the Same Mistakes? Read This” and “8 Ways to Spot an Emotional Manipulator.”

Miscellaneous Advice From sustainable love to sexual health, these blogs round out our list of the top 100.

  1. Sylvia’s Long Distance Relationship Blog: In her blog, Sylvia is “helping to make long distance relationships more enjoyable and meaningful.”
  2. Savage Love: Savage Love appears on Recent posts include “Lez Be Friends,” “She’s a Very Kinky Girl,” and others.
  3. SexySmart: Get smart about your relationships, sexual health and dating life by reading the posts on this fun, informative blog.
  4. Making Love Sustainable: Wendy Strgar’s blog rests on a green relationship philosophy in regards to keeping love sustainable. Categories include healthy sexuality, loveology, romance, and more.
  5. Ask Him Ask Her: This blog is written by a couple that aims to “answer questions and help bring connection and peace” to others wanting sex and relationship advice.
  6. SargeNation: SargeNation is a reader-driven site that lets users submit and rank the best dating and sex stories from blogs around the Web.
  7. Safer Sex Blog: The Safer Sex Blog shares information about health studies, STD statistics and more, to spread the word about sexual health.
  8. Relationship Advice for Relationship Bliss: This blog has lots of positive advice for singles and couples.
  9. Relationship Advice: This blog is “your source for relationship advice.” Read on for tips on communicating, understanding your partner and more.
  10. Larry James’ Celebrate Love Blog: Relationship coach and speaker Larry James blogs about relationships, intimacy and marriage.
  11. Addiction, Recovery and Relationships Blog:’s blog about addiction and relationships helps recovering addicts nurture healthy, positive relationships. 
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